Today technical translation and english to bangla translation is one of the demanded and highly paid and difficult types of translation, and all because technical translation has its own specific features. The difficulty of this type of translation lies in its stylistic, lexical and grammatical features. Sometimes machine translation can help a translator, but there are several difficulties that can arise when translating.

First of all, vocabulary. It is very complex and accurate, because when translating technical texts, the most important thing is to convey the most accurate information concisely and clearly. Such a text contains a huge number of terms and abbreviations, which are sometimes very difficult to find in special dictionaries or glossaries, and sometimes even an analogue is absent in the translated language. The translator, in this case, can resort to deciphering the abbreviation or explaining the term.

As far as grammar is concerned, the sentences are complex with participial and participial turns. Extensive use of impersonal and passive sentences. Sometimes it is difficult to identify where the main thing is, and where the subordinate clause, and only a deviation from the direct word order helps to reveal this.

The most important stylistic feature of a technical test is an accurate, concise and informative presentation of the translation text without any stylistic speech patterns, emotionally sensitive words and expressions. Everything is extremely dry, short and laconic. Scientific and technical texts are written without expressive means of speech, since the author, most importantly, needs to convey accurate information. In the case of translating a scientific text with graphs, diagrams and various other drawings, the translator should be as identical as possible, the inscriptions simply change into the translated language.

A translator who deals with scientific and technical translations must be experienced and have vast knowledge, both in Russian and English, in various fields. Since when we talk about a scientific text, we mean exact sciences such as mathematics, physics, metallurgy, biology, botany, medicine, electronics, aviation, construction and transport industries, etc. Sometimes the terminology is so complex that a translator cannot do without a dictionary, but, naturally, it is better to use electronic dictionaries. And also the help of a highly specialized translator will not be superfluous.

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