Set a goal. Decide what you need the language and french to english for. Study abroad or work for an international company? Or maybe you want to understand the words of English songs and write comments on YouTube freely? The main thing in the study of any subject is to set a goal. There are people in this world for whom language is significant in itself. There are few of them, and they are called polyglots. For most of us, a foreign language is just a tool.
Check your level. Before you start learning, find out your level. For most languages, it is determined by a special CEFR scale: from elementary A1 to professional C2. The level determines the appropriate method, teaching methods and resources that are best used. To find out your language level, take an online test at Dialang, Transparent, Test Your Language or others.
Choose a learning method english to marathi. There are several options for learning a foreign language. You can do this:
At the language school;
With a tutor;
On courses abroad;
On one’s own;
In a talking club.

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